1826: Catholics began to first Settle in Chenango County which was part of the Diocese of Albany.

1851: The Bishop of Albany formally recognized our Catholic community naming it Saint Patricks.

1857: Father Charles Brady established residence in Norwich.

1859: Cardinal McClosky lays the cornerstone of a new Saint Patricks Church on top of Miller Hill.

1888: Father John Hart arrives as first pastor of St.Patricks. Within 2 months of his arrival Saint Patricks burns to the ground. Sixteen weeks later the Bishop of Syracuse comes to lay the cornerstone for the new church which he names St. Pauls.

1903: The local council of the Knights of Columbus presents Saint Pauls Church with a new bell which remained until costly repairs forced it's replacement in 1985.

1907: Father Edward R. Pendergast becomes the 2nd Pastor.

1912: A mortgage burning ceremony takes place freeing St Pauls of debt.

1916: Father Joseph S. Tiernan becomes the 3rd Pastor.

1919: Father Tiernan establishes Saint Bartholomews Chapel.

1920: Father Tiernan decides to establish Saint Pauls Paraochial School.

1922: The Dominican Nuns arrive to inaugurate the school and staff.

1932: Father Charles M. Coveney becomes the 4th Pastor.

1949: Knights of Columbus provides playground equipment for Saint Pauls school.

1951: Monsignor Henry L. Contois becomes 5th Pastor.

1952: Monsignor Contois along with Monsignor Festa of Saint Bartholomews begin plans to build a new school.

1954: The New school is dedicated. Also that year the Knights of Columbus spearhead the establishment of a Nativity in downtown Norwich.

1957: Monsignor Contois initiates BINGO as a money-making activity. Later that year Father Theodore Shannon becomes the 6th Pastor.

1962: Father Robert F. Coombs becomes the 7th Pastor.

1964: The new addition to Saint Pauls School is dedicated including the gymnasium, auditorium, cefeteria, a ninth grade classroom and the Manley Memorial Library.

1969: Father Thomas F. Kiernan becomes the 8th Pastor.

1971: The sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet arrive to staff the school.

1973: Saint Pauls Church assumes the chaplainship of the New York State Correctional Facility for Youth at Camp Pharsalia.

1974: Lay ministrers began to participate in mass.

1976: Father Thomas J. McGrath becomes the 9th Pastor.

1980: Father Thomas E. Neary becomes the 10th Pasor.

1984: Father Donald H. Karlen becomes the 11th Pastor.

1987: The Knights of Columbus No. 211 changes it's name to Robert E. McNeil Norwich Council No. 211 as a tribute to the long time dedicated member. Saint Pauls and Saint Bartholomews combine their confirmation classes.

1988: Father Francis. Young becomes the 12th Pastor. At Saint Pauls 100th Anniversary the cornerstone was opened and the internal documents examined though most had decayed over the century.

1989: A new cornerstone is set in place.

1992: Father Thomas Sterner becomes the 13th Pastor.

1993: Father John Flanagan becomes the 14th Pastor.

1994: Father Douglas Cunningham becomes the 15th pastor.

2009: Father Ralph A.Bove becomes the 16th pastor.


  Saint Patrick's Church, Norwich, NY
  Norwich's First Catholic Church
St Patricks

  Father Hart, Norwich, NY
  Norwich's First Catholic Pastor
Father John Hart

  The ruins of St Patrick's Church, Norwich, NY
  The Ruins from Saint Patricks Fire

  St.Pauls Church Norwich, NY
  Early Photo of the current
Saint Pauls Catholic Church

  Convent at Nortwich, New York
  Saint Pauls School and
Dominican Convent

  Saint Paul's First Graduates
  Saint Pauls First Graduates

  Saint Paul's Original Altar
  Early Photo of Saint Pauls Altar








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